This Movie About Santa Claus' Rude Daughter Actually Sounds Lit

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
Sometimes you just know something is going to be so perfect, just based on the people involved. That's the case with the newest Disney Christmas movie, Nicole, reports Variety. This movie sounds so awesome we wish had a time machine to flash forward to November 8, 2019 when it's expected to released. There are many reasons why we think Nicole is going to rule, so let's go through them all individually:
1. It's about Santa Claus' daughter, who will presumably be named Nicole. She is forced to take up the role of toy delivery person after Santa retires. We love this.
2. Nicole will be played by Anna Kendrick, who has major comedy chops. Have you seen her Twitter account?
3. Nicole will be written and directed by Marc Lawrence. Lawrence is the brains behind one of our favorite cult rom-coms: Miss Congeniality (which is coming to Netflix in October). That movie was a feminist awakening for our teen selves, so we're hopeful that Nicole will find a similar place in our heart.
4. Billy Eichner and Bill Hader will also star in Nicole. Eichner, of course, is the running, anxious host of Billy on the Street. Hader is an SNL alum and the creator of the delightfully funny Documentary Now!. Safe to say this movie will be packed with comedic talent.
As a huge fan of Christmas movies, we're hoping this adds to the canon of movies that are good outside of being about Christmas. We could watch While You Were Sleeping or Love, Actually any time of the year. And Die Hard, of course, is a total classic. We're looking forward to adding a female-lead movie to this genre.
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