Fergie Opens Up About Single Motherhood: "We're Doing The Best We Can"

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Breaking up is hard to do. It's even more painful when it occurs in the public eye, but regardless of how famous you are, taking care of your child is the primary concern. And while Fergie is totally heartbroken over her divorce with Josh Duhamel, she's focusing most on raising their son, Axl.
"I love Josh, he's the father of my child, we forever have that project together and we're doing the best we can," she told Wendy Williams. She also goes on to the explain that the family choose to wait a few months before telling the media about the divorce. "We wanted to really be sure, and just find our footing, and get all the crazy hurt stuff out privately before the whole barrage of media."
Their son, Axl, is only 4 years old, Williams notes. Fergie explains that they called Duhamel's new house the "work house" in order to make the separation easier for him. She explains that their new life doesn't feel too different — "we're with him all the time, we're just not with him together all the time. We try to do a once a week thing where we're all three together," Fergie says.
Wendy also asks if they will be taking Axl out trick-or-treating for Halloween together. "Probably, yeah! Absolutely!" Fergie says, clearly psyched about the prospect. Halloween is one of the holidays that we can't wait to experience with our own kids, so we love seeing Fergie get just as excited about it.
We also learned the Fergie can still do a full split, which is a huge accomplishment for any of us. She's self-aware, charming, and totally into being a mom in this interview. Watch the full video below.

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