The Surprising Connection Between Donnie Darko & Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones and Donnie Darko exist in two very different worlds. Or do they? I mean, think about it: an evil, lurking character follows Jake Gyllenhaal's character around everywhere, and there are multiple timelines in the movie that may or may not be real. Sounds a lot like the world of Westeros to us. Especially that part about the prophecies that foretell the end of the world.
It turns out that they share an even deeper connection: April Ferry, who designs costumes for Game of Thrones, also designed the iconic bunny costume on Darkie Darko. The bunny is named Frank, and he's a hallucination (?) that instructs Gyllenhaal's character to commit crimes. Is it possible Ferry used the IKEA carpet hack to make the bunny costume?
Since the film's release in 2001, Frank the bunny has morphed into a popular Halloween costume, a t-shirt motif you'd find at Hot Topic, and even a tattoo. According to Entertainment Weekly, movie director Richard Kelly revealed that Paris Jackson sent him a direct message on Twitter to show off her Frank ink on her arm.
Still, we'd like to theorize that Donnie Darko and Game of Thrones exist in the same universe. In two worlds were magic seems to be a force for good and evil, the true heroes have neutral motives. Maybe Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven is actually warging into Frank? Did Bran also go into time and orchestrate the life and death of Donnie Darko with the plane turbine? It's a pretty reasonable explanation, given that the film famously gives us such little context to go on. There's been weirder canon scenarios.
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