John Stamos Is Super Psyched To Be Engaged

Apologies to anyone still struggling to digest the news, but John Stamos is very happy that he is engaged to actress Caitlin McHugh.
The actor — who is allegedly a pretty good kisser, according to Scream Queens' Lea Michele — gushed about his life-changing news to People while attending a birthday fundraiser bash for Zac Posen on Tuesday evening.
"I didn't even walk in. Did you see? I just floated from the car. I'm on cloud nine," he told People.
Stamos later added: "I've been waiting for the perfect girl for over a decade and she walked into my life. I mean everybody knows that I've always loved family, and I wanted to have a family some day and get married again, and everyone's like, 'Why don't you just do it?'"
Part of the reason he didn't make like Nike and "just do it," he said, was because he felt he needed to spend some time growing on a personal level.
"Everybody thinks it's so easy. The hard part was me," he told People. "Like, I wasn't the best me. I was ready, but no one was as perfect as Caitlin — a true, pure beautiful person inside — would've never gone for the old me a few years ago."
Aside from no longer rocking a mullet, the only real change I can see is that Stamos has a newfound love for Disneyland. The couple spends a lot of time in the Happiest Place on Earth and even got engaged with the help of The Little Mermaid's Sebastian.
"I kissed the boy and said...yes! That's what you do when the sweetest, most romantic Prince Charming treats you like a princess and asks you to be his," McHugh captioned two adorable photos of her big engagement day.
As the couple basks in their newly engaged bliss, they've also started to get serious about their futures. In an interview with Extra, Stamos admitted that he can't wait to have kids. Thanks to his time on Full House, he certainly has some experience dealing with little ones; though changing a diaper daily IRL is much different than the occasional clean up on screen.
For now, I can't wait to see some engagement photos. I'm picturing a horse-drawn carriage in a field with teeny mice in hats. Ooh, or maybe they'll take a trip under the sea. The Disney possibilities are endless!

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