We Finally Know If Uncle Jesse Is A Good Kisser

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Uncle Jesse from Full House is kind of the OG DILF for so many of us 90s kids, so imagine how wild it would be to kiss him IRL now that we're all grown-up. Well, one Lea Michele got to experience that magic in the series finale of Scream Queens, which aired late last year. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week to promote her new show, ABC's The Mayor, Michele dished about what it was really like to kiss John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse.
During the recent WWHL episode a viewer called in to ask Lea Michele about the experience. Over the phone, the caller said, "I know that on Scream Queens, you kissed John Stamos." At that point, the actress interjected, "I did! Oh my god, I forgot about that." The viewer continued, "Ah! How good was the kiss? I gotta know because I grew up with John Stamos."
Hearing that the 31-year-old had already forgotten getting to kiss the man who portrayed our very first age-inappropriate crush doesn't exactly bode well for Stamos' skills, but apparently it's just Michele's memory that's shaky. She explained, "You know, it was pretty good! And I grew up watching him too. It was one of those extremely surreal moments. Like, I'm kissing Uncle Jesse right now."
Though this was the first time Lea Michele provided details about how well our guy Uncle Jesse kisses, it wasn't the first time she has spoken about the experience. When the episode premiered in December 2016, the actress posted a video of the scene on Twitter, with the words, "And then I got to kiss Uncle Jesse.. #ilovemyjob" written over the video. Accompanying the clip, she tweeted, "It was a honor," tagging John Stamos and including a kissy face emoji. Despite Michele's stamp of approval, at the end of the day, we know in our hearts that Uncle Jesse can kiss so well, it would make any of us groan, "have mercy!"

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