All The Shows That Portray The Movement For Black Lives

Photo: Chuck Hodes/FOX.
Today, Refinery29 has the pleasure of premiering Gabourey Sidibe’s amazing debut short film, The Tale Of Four. The movie, inspired by Nina Simone’s 1966 song “Four Women,” tells the story of Black women touched by police brutality, the prison industrial system, and looming violence. Tale Of Four brings to light many of the topics the Black Lives Matter movement has been fighting for over the last few years.
While Sidibe’s new film might be one of our favorite pop cultural offerings with this kind of thoughtful political leaning, it’s not the only one. Since the endless barrage of violence against Black people has made it into the news with what feels like day-in, day-out regularity, many of our favorite shows have decided to explore the American tragedy with their stories. Some series name check Black Lives Matter directly, while others are unquestionably influenced by the movement without using a hashtag or referencing the organization.
In celebration of Tale Of Four, we found the spiritual soul siblings to the movie throughout television. Keep reading to find out see how other shows dealt with the movement for Black lives. Some series did exceptionally well, while others completely missed the mark.
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