This Hideous Wax Figure Of Lady Gaga Has People Outraged

Lady Gaga's illustrious career and knack for unconventional style has inspired wax sculptors around the world to spend countless hours carving and shaping lifelike (and highly flammable) replicas of her greatest looks. Some artists have managed to make nearly clone-like creations, like those who helped create a fabulous line of Gagas featured at various Madam Tussaud's locations. Others, like an artist out of Lima, Peru, haven't been so lucky.
A Gaga fan account found the newly created figurine of Mother Monster wearing her infamous meat dress and posted it on Twitter, stirring up a flurry of furious responses from fans who are having a hard time understanding how anyone could justify the horrifying installation as being anything but tragic.
Warning: The photo below could send you into a rage spiral.
As two of my coworkers said, this "piece" would actually work if they were trying to pass it off as Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. But Gaga? I could give you a million reasons why this is in no way a fair representation of her.
Sure, she's tiny, but where are her gorgeous curves? Why is her nose so pointy? What is happening to her hair?
As always, the good people of Twitter were quick to chime in with hilarious responses.
"It's a Wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin," one person wrote. Another tweeted that he was "calling the police on whoever made this."
At least they waited until just before Halloween to unveil it?
In lighter Gaga news, Joanne has officially gone platinum in the United States. The singer celebrated the success on Monday by thanking her fans in a series of tweets. "I couldn't be more happy thank you from me and my family to you," one read. In another, she posted two pictures of herself and her gorgeous plaque with the caption, "Love you monsters!"
Let's hope that, for now, Gaga doesn't realize there's an actual monster parading around as her.

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