Niall Horan's Favorite Harold Styles Song Isn't What'd You Think

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It's Friday, which means that new music drops today. And we've been graced with Niall Horan's debut solo record, Flicker. In addition the two singles, "Slow Hands" and "This Town," we also get a documentary of the making of Flicker for the most devoted Niall Directioners. Horan, who is definitely not Noah Cyrus' boyfriend, received kudos from one of his former bandmates on Twitter, a certain Louis Tomlinson. He wrote "Congrats Niall on a great album. Lovely sound ! @NiallOfficial . Go listen if you haven't already !!" So adorable.
Now, Horan is passing on the good vibes to another former Directioner: Harry Styles. He's asked about his favorite Harry Styles solo song, because we all have one. Or, as Niall calls him, Harold Styles. Emphasis ours, because Niall calling him Harold gives us so much life.
"My favorite song of Harold's?" Niall begins, and pauses to think of a moment. "I like 'Kiwi.' Great tune, great rock song," he answered. "I love 'Two Ghosts,' very easy to listen to. I like Carolina, Meet Me in the Hallway. There's some good songs on the [Styles solo album]. I really enjoyed it."
We postulated that "Kiwi" could be about Style's ex-girlfriend, model Georgia Fowler, who is from New Zealand. "Two Ghosts" is totally about Taylor Swift, and there is proof. Horan would have seen Styles through both relationships, so we suspect he knows more about these songs than the average person.
In another video, Horan also shouted more of his favorite music. These days, he's into Post Malone, Lewis Capaldi, and Mendez. If there's one thing Niall has, it's excellent taste in music.

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