Katy Perry Gets Lost In Space During Nashville Concert

Someone might want to inform Katy Perry that "reach for the stars" is not a literal saying.
The pop star, who's currently juggling her American Idol gig and her Witness tour, found herself suspended above a packed audience after one of her planetary props got stuck in mid-air on Wednesday night in Nashville.
The self-proclaimed "space cadet" was seated on Saturn amongst a sea of lights when she suddenly realized she wasn't going anywhere. Instead of just playing it cool, Perry did what she does best and babbled on.
"I'm stuck! This is the first time I've been stuck in space. I know I'm kind of a space cadet, but actually, this thing is stuck right now," she said before encouraging fans to get their phones out and document the "YouTubeable moment."
Thankfully, before the "Swish Swish" singer could tell any jokes — we witnessed enough of her off-the-cuff, sometimes insensitive attempts at humor at the VMAs, thank you very much — the trusty crew found a way to slowly lower Perry down, bringing her right on top of the crowd.
"I love this so much. I mean, this is what you get for trying to bring all of space to Nashville," she said before jumping on top of her adoring fans and being escorted to the stage.
Can you imagine being put in the position where you were responsible for hoisting Katy Perry up in the air long enough for her to get her footing and make it safely to the ground? Are we now expected to double-down on arm days before attending concerts just in case a singer needs rescuing? Because, that sounds like A LOT of pressure.
Thankfully, no one dropped her and the show went off without another hitch. That is, unless you can't forgive someone for calling Nashville "Smashville."

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