Photographer Collier Schorr Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse

Last week, model and activist Cameron Russell opened the conversation surrounding sexual assault in Hollywood to models with the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse. She used her Instagram to share models’ stories anonymously, posting screenshots of the messages people sent her. Russell made it clear that these actions and behaviors aren't just happening in Hollywood, but are prevalent industries far and wide. And earlier this week, photographer Collier Schorr expanded the conversation even further to include the creative industry as a whole.
On Sunday, Schorr posted a still from the movie Blow Up, on her studio’s private Instagram account with the word “NO” written in yellow on top. In the iconic picture, the photographer, stands barefoot, with his shirt unbuttoned, straddling a model laying on the ground. Artnet reported that the accompanying caption read as follows:
"I can't control what happens on other shoots but agents and magazines and designers can. We have an amazing creative industry and it [is] insane that women and children are being mauled humiliated and raped. Casting agents please don't send young inexperienced girls to meet the male photographers you know are dangerous. And BOYS are being preyed upon as well, and it may be harder for them to speak out. And to the men everyone is talking about- FUCK YOU. Thanks @cameronrussell for making this not go away."
Schorr is calling on the agents, magazines, and designers to take a stand against abuse because as she posted on Instagram, “the fantasy is over.”

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