Everything You Need To Be Winter Anderson From AHS: Cult For Halloween

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If any show gives you Halloween inspiration, it's American Horror Story. In fact, the FX horror drama gives you seven seasons worth of spooktacular costume ideas. But, AHS: Cult has one shining star worthy of a Halloween homage: Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd).
The nascent cult member and former Hillary Clinton campaigner is AHS season 7's breakout character, especially when it comes to her fashion sense. Who else is serving up trendy Wednesday Addams vibes with a dash of crimped hair on the daily? No one, what's who.
As Halloween inches closer, we thought you needed the low-down on how to create an All Hallows' Eve costume straight out of Winter's wardrobe. Scroll through the gallery to find out each and every item necessary to bring Kai Anderson's (Evan Peters) much cooler sister to life this October 31. And, for extra inspiration, you'll find awe-inspiring Winter cosplay photos, along with some pictures of Winter herself, Miss Billie Lourd.
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A Collared Dress

There is nothing Winter loves more than a collared dress. While her black-and-white one is her most iconic option yet, she’s also a fan of a patterned frock if there’s a Peter Pan collar involved.
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All-Black Separates

If you can’t find a collared dress to your liking — or you don’t want to drop cash on one — you have another option: all black everything. Winter loves a good all-black ensemble, as long as it’s a nod to the Victorian. A long, crinoline-heavy skirt and off the shoulder top would work, or a black sweater, skirt, and tights.

As long as whatever you’re wearing is even darker than Kai Anderson’s soul, you’re good.
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Combat Boots

No outfit is complete without shoes, and it’s pretty much confirmed Winter only wears platform combat boots. How else could she go to war against the patriarchy (or start a murder spree)?
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A Choker

Winter may be a mass murderer, cult member, and master manipulator… but she’s also a trendy millennial. So, she rarely leaves the house without a black choker to remind us of that latter fact.

Extra points if your choker is also a little bit Victorian too.
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An Old-Timey Dress

In her regular life, Winter might be a trendy goth girl with a passion for feminism. Yet, we all know when she’s not screaming, “This pussy grabs back,” she’s killing people under the orders of her brother while wearing a creepy clown get-up.

If you would like to create this look for Halloween, you’re going to need something reminiscent of Winter’s corset-inspired Victorian dress, which also has polka dots all over it.
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Black Opera-Length Gloves & White Tights

Winter’s baffling clown dress might be the heart of her murderous disguise, but you’ll also need her killer accessories to really embody this creepy look.
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A Rainbow Wig

It’s not like Party City is casually selling the AHS killer clown masks, so, rocking Winter’s rainbow clown wig is the easiest way to nod to the character without having to put on a hot mask.
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A Few Hillary Clinton-Themed Buttons

In “11/9,” which shows us what the Cult characters did on election night, we see Winter and her friends celebrating their imminent chance to vote for Hillary Clinton. While everyone else is sporting full HRC gear, Winter only has on the requisite buttons.
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Winter-Themed Hair

Winter isn’t Winter without her ice-blue-slash-gray hair. It’s that simple.
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A Black Hair-Tie Or Two

The former liberal arts student can usually be caught sporting pigtails or a massive bun on top of her head. This is win for you, since both of these tied-up styles will keep you cool at even the sweatiest Halloween party.
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A Crimper

If you’re not a bun kind of woman, Winter is also thankfully all about her waves. So feel free go for her signature loose icy curls or even a crimped style, since the only Anderson sister is keeping the beloved 2000s hair trend alive in 2017.
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Winged Eyeliner

Find an eyeliner that won’t smudge and get your cat eye on in homage to your favorite AHS cult member.
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Tons Of Mascara

Winter’s heavy eyeliner might get all the attention, but, the bold look wouldn’t work without just as much mascara.
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Your Very Own Kai Anderson

This is one of the easiest couple’s costumes ever, since all your partner really needs is a blue wig or some azure hair dye. They can wear anything with their new locks, from Kai’s myriad of plain clothes or his dressed-up suit.
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Or, Your Very Own Ivy Mayfair-Richards

Stepping in Kai’s shoes, even for an evening, is kind of a terrifying idea. So, it’s totally understandable your partner might not want to pretend to be the horrifying Kai for a single second. That means they should spend Halloween as Ivy instead. After all, it’s heavily implied something romantic might be going on between the married woman and Ivy.

For this couple’s costume, your would-be Ivy should probably don some butcher’s gear and a short blonde wig.
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He's Baaaaaack

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A Twisty The Clown Doll

If you can find one, this is the perfect way to nod back to the very unsettling moment Winter hands little boy Oz (Cooper Dodson) a toy version of a homicidal, disfigured clown. Somebody get this young woman a Babysitter Of The Year award.
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Your Ceramics

They’re Winter’s entire life!
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