Today's Google Calendar Revamp Will Make Your Workday More Efficient

When I'm in the office, the desktop version of Google's scheduling software is my go-to. I use it to send my invites, reserve conference rooms, and check out when the rest of my team is busy or OOO.
But as good as GCal has been at performing those tasks, there are some areas where it's inefficient. Today's revamp is addressing many of those issues, and, in doing so, promises to make your work day more organized and a little bit less stressful. If you've already been using the Google Calendar app on your phone, you'll notice the app's brighter colors and more appealing typeface are carrying over to the updated web version.
There are also important changes in function. With the new Calendar for web, the person who runs the calendar for your office — the GSuite admin — will be able to add details about the office's conference rooms, including details on the available tech and the conference room location, as well as how many people the room can fit. You'll be able to see these specifics when booking a room, making it easier to know which one is right for your needs. In addition to seeing room details, you'll also be able to see contact info for other people attending the meeting, simply by hovering over someone's name.
If you want to know when everyone's available, you'll now be able to see multiple schedules side-by-side. Before, these all appeared in one tab, looking like a jumbled mess. To see the side-by-side view, just check the box next to another staffer's name along the lefthand toolbar.
Finally, Google is finally making it possible to add links to spreadsheets, presentations, and documents within an invite. You won't need to email these separately anymore, making it easier to keep everything in one place — and simplifying your quest for inbox zero.
In order to access the revamped version of Google Calendar, your office's GSuite admin will need to enable the changes. If you want to change your personal calendar to the new version, just tap "use new calendar" on the upper corner of your screen.
Today's updates come on the heels of last month's useful hyperlink additions to Gmail. In both cases, the update don't change Gmail's basics, but they do add tools that make using each service easier and more intuitive. The only thing not included: the caffeine you need to power through a packed day of meetings.

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