Is Betty's Mom A Witch? The Internet Thinks So

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Riverdale fans already know that a Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off is on the way, but a dose of the supernatural could be coming sooner than later. According to Teen Vogue, some conspiracy theorists have unearthed a link between one of the show's characters and Sabrina's witchy world.
While the theory may be a stretch, it does incorporate parts of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the comic that the new reboot is taking inspiration from. In that particular version of Sabrina, witches actually get a choice when it comes to their powers. If they want to, they can live as mortals. If they choose to live with witchy powers, they have to undergo a sort of baptism in a satanic ritual. BuzzFeed suggests that Alice Cooper, Betty's mom, went through the ritual, but decided to raise her daughters as mortals. There's mention of a supernatural event in the script that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased last week and it looks like the fan theories are taking off from there.
"She’s constantly using terms like 'brew' and 'banish' and 'witching hour," one Tumblr user wrote. "And i’m wondering if perhaps she’s the black sheep of the family that doesn’t want to accept her witchcraft lineage and instead decided to shun her family, move away from SouthSide, marry Hal and build a fresh new life for herself."
It would be an unorthodox way to introduce the world of witches into Riverdale, which up to this point has had zero instances of actual magic, but with the dark (and now supernatural) take on the Archie comics that the CW has embraced, it seems anything is possible. Fans shouldn't hold their breath for an actual Supernatural crossover, however (but feel free to go at it, internet). While that stalwart is still going strong, there's probably nothing that connects the Winchesters to this particular series.
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