These Beauty Products Are The Best Response To A "Send Nudes" Text

Sexting — the dirty, flirty millennial version of foreplay. It's all well and good if you're having fun, but most of the time, a "send nudes" text from someone we hardly know inspires us only to take off one thing: the number... from our contacts list.
But if you're feeling creative, a naked pic request can be a prime opportunity to show off your sense of humor (they should probably know there's a whole lot more to you than your fire birthday suit). Any fan of a good meme has probably seen the quippy response one girl sent to a guy sexting her: Instead of sending actual nudes, she snapped "nude" beauty products, which is far more clever than the middle-finger emoji.
Ahead, the sexiest stripped-down beauty products to stock up on before your next Bumble exchange.

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