Make Your Frozen-Obsessed Friends Beauty Dreams Come True This Christmas

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Frozen fanatics can take a break from building snowmen this winter, because Mally Beauty is teaming up with Disney to create an enchanting, limited-edition makeup set for anyone obsessed with the tale of Anna and Elsa. Hello Giggles reports that this holiday season, the beauty brand will release a beautifully packaged makeup set that'll have everyone belting "Let it Go."
Set to hit the QVC airwaves this November, the Mally Beauty x Disney Frozen Collection will include a slew of ice queen-inspired beauty products and brighter, more colorful options channeling the naivety of Anna. Naturally, all of it will be housed in amazing castle boxes featuring blue and purple hues alongside images from the movie.
Hello Giggles adds that the collection will include eyeshadows and liners, mascara, lip gloss, and blush.
Mally Beauty’s creator, Mally Roncal, explained that she felt a strong connection to both Elsa and Anna after watching the film with her daughters. She wanted the Mally Beauty x Disney Frozen Collection to reflect all of the positive characteristics that she saw in the characters, so the looks and shades correspond to each one's standout traits.
"Elsa is polished and elegant, yet tough, strong, and powerful. Anna is a free spirit, optimistic, energetic, and playful," Roncal said in a press release. "I believe as women we have many different sides to our personalities and these collections capture them perfectly."
The makeup pro didn't reveal any of the actual products, so makeup lovers will have to be satisfied with a preview of the collection's too-pretty-to-throw-away packaging. There's still plenty of time between now and holiday shopping season, however, so Frozen fans can expect plenty of sneak peeks between now and when the products make their debut on QVC.
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