Everything In This Brand New Beauty Line Is $3 — & It's Good

For followers of the $445 billion dollar beauty industry, it can feel like a new makeup, skin care, or hair-care brand is popping up every day. It's hard to keep track of all the new "It" launches, which is why it's refreshing to find out that there's a beauty company that wants to change the way we look at brands — by taking them out of the equation completely.
The Brandless company is exactly what it sounds like: a company producing unlabeled beauty goods, all of which retail for just $3. Co-founder Tina Sharkey tells us, "The premise behind Brandless was that better products should not be relegated to those who can afford them." We couldn't agree more.
The brand originally launched with food and household products (and tree-less toilet paper), but Brandless has now moved into the beauty space. There's no frills to any of the products — and it's honestly refreshing. They're also all free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, and synthetic dyes and fragrances. In fact, the brand has banned more than 400 common ingredients found in our everyday products that could be harmful for humans and the environment.
Three dollars for clean beauty sounds too good to be true, but Sharkey tells us that the direct-to-consumer selling model enables Brandless to sell at such a low price. The products are shipped directly to the consumer, with the aim of building direct communication and strong customer relationships.
Ahead, check out all the new, green tea- and- aloe-infused fall beauty launches from Brandless. You can add all seven to your shopping cart, stocking your whole bathroom, for less than $20.

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