Don't Be So Quick To Call This Star The Next Blair Waldorf

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The CW is about to get a lot sudsier thanks to the arrival of Dynasty, a brand-new take on the '80s classic that starred Linda Evans and Joan Collins.
In true CW style, there's a slew of fresh faces and Dynasty 2.0 is fronted by Elizabeth Gillies, who cut her teeth on Victorious. The network's trailers and previews offered viewers a taste of the show, and Gillies and her character, Fallon Carrington, is already getting comparisons to a different kind of TV legend. No, it's not Joan Collins, it's Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf.
"There are parallels within the characters," Gillies told Teen Vogue. "Don't try to compare me to [Leighton Meester], because I might not live up to everyone's expectations of being as good as Blair Waldorf. She's a legend."
Though the new Dynasty isn't a continuation of the now-iconic soap opera, there are a few similarities. Like Waldorf, Carrington comes from a big name family with an equally big bank account. Instead of catfights, however, Gillies explains that the 2017 version adds plenty of personal ambition along with the family strife. Carrington's vying for the family oil business, but even though she's a serious businesswoman, she gets overshadowed by her brother. Waldorf didn't deal with that, but her status as Queen B is something that Carrington can relate to. Gillies is quick to point out that while there are similarities between Blair and Fallon — a killer wardrobe and a take-no-prisoners mentality, to name just a few — they're different women.
"Fallon acts like a 50-year-old woman most of the time, where Blair, I think, was mature for her age, but very much her age," Gillies added. "That's one thing I think will separate us. Thank god, because they're big shoes to fill."
Another major change? While Gossip Girl's own team admitted that the show was too white, the Dynasty reboot cast the Carrington's rival family, the Colbys, as Black and includes Nathalie Kelley as Fallon's Latinx stepmother and sometimes-rival, Cristal Flores.
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