The 30 Best Celebrities To Follow On Spotify

Photo: John Salangsang/Invision/AP.
If you're only using Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with your favorite celebrities, then you're totally missing out on another social media that's even more interesting: Spotify. Sure, the music streaming platform isn't helpful when it comes to getting pictures of the stars or any of their witty thoughts, but you do get something better, and that's their SOUL.
As dramatic as that sounds, it's true. Listening to your favorite artists on Spotify is all well and good, but listening to what they're listening to? That's some next-level inception. And it's not just singers! Aaaaall your fave celebs are using Spotify, be they actors or writers or former presidents of the United States. They're making playlists and creating mixes left and right, and it's more revealing than you think. We now know what author Stephanie Danler listens to when she writes bestsellers like Sweetbitter thanks to her playlist "Writing 1," and what Ashton Kutcher puts on when he works out thanks to his playlist "work out."
Some celebrities, like Taylor Swift and Lorde, are loud and proud about their playlists. Both of them have recently posted some of their favorite music publicly, with Spotify collecting "Songs Taylor Loves," including "The Cure" by Lady Gaga and "Ready For You" by her BFFs HAIM. Lorde also posted her "Homemade Dynamite" playlist that has artists ranging from Zara Larsson to Childish Gambino to Phil Collins.
There are a lot of other gems to be found in the depths of celebrities' personal accounts, and we've mined though all of them ahead to bring you the ones that are most worth your while. Let the deep dive begin!

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