The Internet Thinks John Krasinski's Serious New Role Is Just Another Office Prank

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
Today, the official teaser trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan was released. In the video, of course, features John Krasinski, who is portraying Tom Clancy's well-known action hero, and the internet immediately made it known that it thinks this is a questionable casting decision.
Since his breakout role as the lovable prankster Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office, Krasinski has done a good job establishing himself as a more serious — not to mention buff — actor through his work on action films like 13 Hours and dramas like Detroit. For some reason, though, audiences are not buying him as CIA analyst Jack Ryan.
Almost all of the comments under the new trailer on YouTube express confusion as to why this particular actor was cast for the Amazon Prime series, which is set to premier in 2018.
Specifically — and weirdly — more than one commenter pointed out that Krasinski's lack of beard in the show makes him less believable as Jack Ryan. An internet user named Noah Fridrich wrote, "Idk why but i can't see john krasinski in this role. He looked dope in 13 hours cus he had a sick beard but idk about this one." Another simply said, "Look better if he a beard like 13 hours." Here, I'd like to point out that, in 2014, a film called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was released about the very same Tom Clancy character, and in it, the hero was played by Chris Pine. Chris Pine did not have a beard in this film. Just sayin'.
Aside from his lack of facial hair, the commenters also seem to be having a hard time separating the actor John Krasinski from his still most notable character, Jim Halpert. One user wrote, "I hope Pam knows what you're up to these days Jim." A few others hilariously insinuated that this series is just another one of Jim's pranks, posting comments like "Most elaborate office prank yet!" and "Dwight disliked this prank." I know this isn't the point, but wasn't Dwight always the one that got recruited by the CIA in those pranks? So, if Jack Ryan is just another Jim Halpert pranks, Dwight's never going to see if coming.

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