People On Twitter Are (Hilariously) Mocking National Boyfriend Day

On Tuesday, October 3, you might've seen people tweeting with the hashtag #NationalBoyfriendDay. You also might've noticed a lot of their tweets weren't about their boyfriends. They're about BTS, One Direction, and other imaginary boyfriends. They're also about the joys of being single and not having anyone but yourself to celebrate the occasion with.
Oh, and someone paid tribute to her fingers.
While these tweets were mostly in jest, they do make a point: Our culture promotes the idea that being in a relationship is better than being single, when in reality, that really depends on who you are and what you want. Many people prefer the freedom of being single (or being in a "relationship" with pizza) to dating someone at various times in their lives.
Days like National Boyfriend Day and National Girlfriend Day (which apparently takes place on August 1) can remind single people of the myths associated with singlehood: that they're not happy, that they're not living life to the fullest, and that their relationship status is the result of shortcomings on their part.
Fortunately, people on Twitter aren't buying into these myths. Instead, they're taking the opportunity to celebrate their singlehood.
For what it's worth, there actually is a National Singles Day, which takes place on September 23 — and an entire National Singles Week to go along with it. Social psychologist Bella DePaulo, PhD writes in Psychology Today that this week serves not just to make single people feel better about themselves but also to combat discrimination against single people in housing and other areas.
Of course, there's nothing wrong with people genuinely celebrating National Boyfriend Day. But it's also great that single people are showing that they're just as happy as those in relationships — and expressing that happiness in creative, cute, and hilarious ways.

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