Lady Gaga Says She's "Gettin' Stronger Everyday"

Lady Gaga is small, but she sure is tough. The five-foot-two pop superstar recently postponed her European tour to take care of herself during her ongoing battle with fibromyalgia, but she's not about to let "severe physical pain" keep her down for long.
People reports that on Friday, Mother Monster tweeted out an update about her health along with her praise for a Noisey article titled "Lady Gaga Pioneered Online Fandom Culture As We Know It."
The piece, which argues Gaga "pioneered" the movement amongst pop performers to give their fanbases a name, credits the "Joanne" singer for creating a positive, supportive community for her listeners where she is not just seen as a performer, but also as someone they can look to for honesty and guidance.
Her relationship with her Little Monsters, Noisey argues, goes beyond the typical interaction stars have with their fans, as she invites them to join her in her personal struggles, from her regrettable decisions (read: collaborating with R. Kelly) to her health journey.
"What a killer article," Gaga tweeted. "Gettin' stronger everyday for my #LittleMonsters can't wait to get back on stage & be w u at JoanneWorldTour #PawsUp."
Fans responded with sweet messages, writing things like, "We love you so much, be safe and healthy, we'll always be by your side."
In addition to the support from her fans, Gaga has received well wishes from celebrities such as Beyoncé, who sent her flowers and some comfy-looking Ivy Park garb.
Despite all of the adversity Gaga is facing, she still has the heart to dedicate her money and energy to supporting people less fortunate. Over the weekend, she pledged to donate $1 million to support relief efforts for areas impacted by the recent earthquakes in Mexico and Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
These kinds of selfless acts not only give us hope for the recuperation of devastated areas, but also for every single one of Gaga's fans, who are undoubtedly inspired by their role model's resilience and generosity.

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