Mandy Moore Gives Us A Peek At Her Late-'90s This Is Us Look

Photo: Via @mandymooremm.
As we could tell from the final flashback scene in the season 2 premiere last week, This Is Us is finally getting close to showing viewers how Jack died. Though Mandy Moore isn't about to reveal anything more about that on her own, she did take to Instagram on Saturday to give us a peek at what she goes through on the makeup chair to become (we assume) the recently widowed Rebecca.
"On Saturdays, we go from the early '90s to the mid to late '90s," she says in her Instagram Stories video. Since we've known for a while that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died when their kids were teenagers, and they were born in 1980, we can surmise that she's doing scenes that hover around that tragic event.
While 33-year-old Mandy Moore probably won't look too much different from the way she does now when she reaches her 40s, that's not exactly the case for her character on This Is Us. That's why she has to help "stretch and stipple" her face by holding a hairdryer to it as her makeup artist applies something that gives her some wrinkles.
Step two, according to Moore's video: "We have lots of contour in the '90s. We call it poo." That takes away some of the youthful glow on her face, aging her further.
"Also, there is no concealer in the mid to late '90s," she says. "I'm a tired lady, and it shows."
Photo: Via @mandymooremm.
Oof, so yeah, we are definitely in the era of post-Jack-death, then. She must have been shooting a lot of these scenes, because she and the stylist who puts on her '90s wig comment of the hairpiece, "She's had a long week, too. She's had a real long week."
Moore does not appear to be a fan of her character's drab look in the era. "Honestly, what is going on? Uy, uy, uy, Mandy," she says of a photo of herself in full hair, makeup, and wardrobe.
Perhaps she would rather be watching this late-'90s era Mandy Moore?
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