These Are All The Ways Jack DOESN'T Die During This Is Us Season 2

Fans of This is Us have been wondering how Pearson family patriarch Jack died for nearly a year. And now that the show's second season is quickly approaching, they're getting restless again.
Knowing that people had questions, star Milo Ventimiglia went onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday to help clear a few things up, Entertainment Tonight reports. Though he didn't solve the mystery of how his character met his demise on the popular NBC series, he did let fans know just how he didn't die. Hey, process of elimination can be fun, too, right?
"[Jack] did not die by sticking his head in the microwave while making popcorn," Ventimiglia told Kimmel. "He eats a lot of popcorn! He didn't die while eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich on the toilet, like Elvis [Presley]. Gluten didn't kill him. He was not overcome with emotion at a [Justin] Bieber concert. And he didn't die giving birth."
OK, so he may have only crossed off the least probable ways to die on any list of guesses, but at least it's a start. Now we just have to see if we can get him to eliminate any other scenarios before the season premiere on Sept. 26.
Dan Fogelman, the show's creator, recently teased that the series will address how Jack died in the upcoming season, with episodes revealing "a big, giant piece of the puzzle" that will "feed the beast enough" and potentially set the internet abuzz.
Ventimiglia's co-star, Mandy Moore, took the claims one step further during an interview with Larry King, where she said that viewers could find out about the cause of death in the first episode.
As for the actors, they've already been briefed on what exactly went down.
"We all had to know," Moore told King. "If you think about it, all of the core actors sort of had to know because we see him later, but something that fundamentally earth-shattering and life-changing that happened to the kids at some point in their lives is something they're going to carry with them as adults."

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