Cardi B Was Allegedly Put In A Chokehold By A Police Officer

Cardi B, who recently rose to the top of Billboard's Hot 100 chart with her hit "Bodak Yellow" (much to the dismay of Azealia Banks), broke her silence on Tuesday about an allegedly hostile experience she had with the New York Police Department a week ago.
As SPIN reports, the rapper posted a now-deleted tweet last week claiming that an officer put her in a chokehold, which read: "I can't believe this cop put me on a choke hole [sic] just now shit is crazy these NY cops don't know how to do they job FUCK 12."
While sitting down with Miami's 99 Jamz, Cardi B discussed the experience in greater length, saying that she initially didn't want to share the details from the incident because she feared that critics would claim she was "doing it for publicity" and that it would detract attention from her historic Billboard success. But after admitting that the situation "really fucked my head up," she decided to break down the traumatizing events.
According to Cardi B, she and her cousin were stuck New York City traffic when they got into an argument with another driver, who later proceeded to hit one of her Bentley's side mirrors. She and her cousin then approached the driver, who allegedly threatened to fight them both, but the altercation was cut short when a police officer came "out of nowhere" and "put me in a chokehold with my hand on my back like a chicken wing."
"I couldn't breathe," she said. "And, I couldn't believe it because there's two men that are about to square up, but you're so pussy you won't even hold back the men, you're gonna put the female in a chokehold."
The NYPD have since issued a statement of their own to Pitchfork in which they said that they have "no record or any other information to support the validity of [her] claim." Cardi B acknowledged the NYPD's comments during her chat, saying there wouldn't be a formal claim since neither she nor her cousin made one.
"You guys be lying, and this is why I don't talk to you guys," she said of the police, later adding, "It really hurt me."

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