Who's The New Hair Bae In These Stranger Things Photos?

The wait is almost over: Stranger Things' sophomore season will soon be upon us and the higher-ups at Netflix are blessing fans with a few sneak peeks at the cult hit's upcoming episodes.
One particular preview that's catching a lot of attention is a first look that Entertainment Weekly offered up of new character Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery. With his long, flowing hair and bad-boy vibes, he's sure to the dreamboat that Hawkins has been waiting for.
Comicbook.com has a few insights to exactly who this brand-new hair bae will be and it goes beyond simple good looks. The site reports that Billy (who's definitely a James Dean-meets-David Cassidy type) will be an obstacle for the group of little heroes that fans grew to love from season 1. Characterized by "mood swings and violent behavior," Billy is a character that the Duffer brothers wanted to add to show that there are humans out there that are just as bad as anything in the Upside Down. So, while there will be plenty of paranormal spooks to be had when season 2 drops on Halloween, there's a real-life baddie to be on the lookout for, too.
Montgomery isn't a new face to the world of Hollywood. Earlier this year, he played Jason, the Red Ranger, in the reboot of Power Rangers. That character was the exact opposite of the antagonist for Stranger Things, but the Duffers saw something in the actor.
And even though season 2 is still on the horizon, the team behind the show has mentioned that they'll be ready to wrap the series after season 4. Well, there's good news for fans: Entertainment Weekly notes that there could be more.
"The truth is we're definitely going four seasons and there's very much the possibility of a fifth," executive producer Shawn Levy told EW. "Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely."
Whether or not hair bae 2017 manages to survive beyond season 2 remains to be seen, but if he does make it past the big baddies — shadow monster, anyone? — and the never-say-die mentality of the show's core group, there's plenty of screen time ahead.
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