The Controversial Chains In Game Of Thrones, Explained

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Yes, those chains from Game of Thrones are still bothering us. We have so many questions! Namely, how did the White Walkers just happen to have giant iron chains to fish dead Viserion out of the frozen water? Aren't the zombies unable to swim? If so, how did they manage to attach the chains to the dragon anyway?
Now, everyone's favorite science dad throws an extra wrench in the mix. Neil deGrasse Tyson certainly enjoys schooling us about the implausibility of our beloved entertainment using cold hard facts — and sometimes we can't deal.
The famed astrophysicist took to Twitter to explain that the chains are improbable for yet another reason. Using his #BadPhysics hashtag, he takes Game of Thrones to task for lazy screenwriting. According to Tyson, there's no way the chains could lift Viserion's body out of the water unless they were being held at a straight angle. In the photo he included, you can see that the army of the dead is pulling the chains up a hill. This makes perfect sense — we're remembering the time we tried moving a couch up a flight of stairs by pulling it with bungee cords and it did not work.
Science Dad also purports that ice dragon breath is actually a hotter than normal dragon fire breath. Thinking back to science class, we remember that blue stars and blue flame acquire their hue because it's hotter than yellow or red flames. This would explain how undead Viserion was able to destroy the Wall. The showrunners have not explained the composition of Viserion's new breath, so we're going to take the scientific route for now.
And, he asked the question we're all still wondering about. Honestly though, can we get some clarification from Benioff and Weiss?

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