Everyone Knows This Is How Gossip Girl Should Have Ended

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By now, you probably know who Gossip Girl is, well, unless you're Chuck Bass himself, Ed Westwick. If you don't, though, I strongly suggest you turn away, so it's not ruined for you, OK?
So, all of you still reading this know that in the finale we find out Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl, xoxo. It was shocking to find out that Lonely Boy was also GG, not to mention a little ridiculous. Seriously, the timeline just doesn't match up. Zuzanna Szadkowski, a.k.a. Dorota, the Waldorf family's trusted Polish maid and most underrated character on the show, totally agrees. Dan shouldn't have been Gossip Girl, she should have.
In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Szadkowski said that Dorota should have been Gossip Girl. “I totally did [think Dorota was Gossip Girl] and I also kind of hoped it would be," she said, "and then I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t." Now that we think about, we are too since Dorota would have been the perfect choice.
She was a confidante of Blair's who always seemed to have her back. If Dorota was the real GG that would have been a mind-blowing revelation. Fans would have had to immediately start re-watching the show from the very beginning to find clues that Dorota was never as loyal as we thought she was.
Don't worry, though, Szadkowski has moved past the fact that GG ended all wrong and let's be honest, it totally did. She likes to think about all those people who also thought Dorota should have been the one cyberstalking our favorite Upper East Siders. Her favorite being a certain New York City mayor.
“It was funny because in the final episode there’s a scene where Mayor Bloomberg says, ‘I thought it was Dorota,’" Szadkowski said. "That was my favorite thing, that the mayor actually mentioned my name.”
Our favorite thing is knowing that Dorota and Blair Waldorf are still friends in real life. Szadkowski told Cosmo that she's kept in touch with Leighton Meester since the show ended in 2012. "I’m very close with Leighton because she and I spent a lot of time working together and we developed a real friendship," Szadkowski said. "She’s one of the nicest things for me about having even worked on the show; my friendship with her is really special to me."
It was something Meester's husband Adam Brody first revealed in a 2015 episode of The Hollywood Reporter's Off the Cuff podcast. We should have known Seth Cohen would never lie to us, even if we now wish Dorota would have been doing just that for six seasons.
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