Starbucks Is Releasing A Line Limited Edition Fall Cups & They're Out Tomorrow

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
This year, Starbucks wants its customers to celebrate fall in style. The coffee chain announced this morning that on Friday, September 20, it's releasing a new line of limited edition autumn-themed cups.
The new cups will come in three different colors, which correspond to the various Starbucks sizes. The Tall is a gorgeous shade of plum, while the Grande is a dark teal color. Last and perhaps most festive, the Venti comes in orange.
Some of the cups will come with an empty white circle in the center, offering a blank canvas for personalized autumn doodles. Maybe a jack-o-lantern or an acorn? Other cups will come already finished with a cute design. We got a chance to preview the new cups, both blank and with designs, and one of our favorites featured a pie with a slice cut out, which would be fitting for either the PSL or the brand new MPL since both share flavors with some of our all-time favorite fall pies.
Bona fide Starbucks fans are sure to notice that these limited edition fall cups look familiar. That's because they're similar to the spring cups the coffee chain released in March, except those came in lighter colors that were meant to help pull coffee lovers out of the gloom of winter. These fall cups, with their bold hues, should have a provide a similar effect by giving us a little push into the next season.
The line of colorful cups will be available at Starbucks locations across the country tomorrow, which is easy to remember as it's the official first day of fall. As always with the chain's seasonal offerings, they will only be around while supplies last, so don't miss your chance to get an Instagram-worthy fall photo complete with the MSL in a bright and beautiful cup.
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