Ring The Alarm: J Lawr & Darren Aronofsky Posed For A Photo Together

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Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have mostly kept the details of their relationship private and there are precious few photos of the couple posing together. But at Wednesday night's Mother! premiere, the couple posed for a beautiful picture and shared sweet words about one another.
Lawrence told People that she was "excited" at the prospect of working with Aronofsky because the Black Swan director isn't afraid to push the envelope.
"That’s what I’ve always loved about him. I was such a huge fan of all of this work. I just think he’s so bold and unafraid and that’s exactly what I saw," the Oscar winner said. "That’s exactly what I witnessed — even more so."
Aronofsky told People that Lawrence never ceases to wow him with her talent and commitment to her craft. "You don’t really need to push Jen, she really always jumps for the goal and dives full in," he said. "A lot of times it was holding her back. Just saying, 'hey, we don’t need that much.' She just has so much talent. She’s a hurricane, a tornado and an earthquake of emotion and it just comes pouring out of her."
The Mother! director also revealed that he didn't expect Lawrence to accept a role in the film. "I remember getting the phone call that she might be available so I went down to Atlanta and I remember complaining to my producers, like, 'she’s never gonna do this movie. It’s too crazy, too different,'" Aronofsky recalled. "But then when we hung out, she really got the idea. She understood the concepts and she was in. And she hasn’t stopped with her loyalty to the film since then."
It turned out the pairing was a match made in heaven, both onscreen and off.
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