Remember The Cop From Stranger Things? This Is Him Now

Jim Hopper (David Harbour) stole our hearts as the hardened yet altruistic cop on Stranger Things who put his life and career on the line to help Joyce Byers retrieve her son from the terrifying Demogorgon residing in the Upside Down.
Harbour has already spoken about his excitement for the upcoming seasons of the '80s-themed Netflix series — not to mention the ungodly amount of hormones floating around on set — but up until now, he hadn't given fans a real look into his newest role, which could not be more different from a police officer in the small town of Hawkins.
On Wednesday, a photo of Harbour in costume as Hellboy surfaced on Twitter, and DAMN, he is absolutely shredded.
There he is, folks. Your new Hellboy is here, and he is bigger and badder than ever before (sorry, Ron Perlman – you were great in the role, too).
Harbour opened up to The Los Angeles Times about the reboot earlier this summer and promised that it would be different than the previous Hellboy films.
"We really want to do our own thing," he said. "I think everybody respects [Guillermo del Toro's] movies and likes those movies...We're a big fan of those movies and a big fan of what they did and so we don't want to do something like what they did. We want those movies to stand as their own. And so we want to take it to a very different place."
Part of differentiating the films will come down to Harbour going even "darker" with the character.
"We want to make him a little darker, I think, and of course I have my own brand on whatever Hellboy's psychology is that you'll see," he said, later adding: "I'm just going to try to bring my own thing and my own take on who this messed up demon boy who is fated to end the world and really doesn't want to and where that's going to go. I hope it'll be interesting, I really do."
From the looks of things, the reboot shouldn't have any problems being attention-grabbing.

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