Kathryn Hahn Talking About Her Sexual Awakening Is Everything

Kathryn Hahn is living her best damn life. The actress and comedian has a number of impressive credits in both TV and film to her name, including recent projects like Transparent, Bad Moms, and I Love Dick, in which she finally gets the leading role she deserves after spending much of her career playing (great) supporting characters.
And just like she's positioned herself in the spotlight, the mother of two is putting her sexuality out there for the world to see. No longer the teenage girl nervous to admit she masturbates, Hahn is here to tell you that at 44, she's holding nothing back.
On Tuesday, Glamour published a letter Hahn wrote to her younger self about the power that comes with allowing herself to be "a sexual adult."
"One day you will become an adult. A sexual adult," she began the piece. "And an unabashed lover of your own body. But it won't happen overnight."
Hahn then went back to her childhood, touching on her time attending a Catholic school and finding herself being attracted to Jesus. She recalled the afternoon when she and her friends were flashed by an older man and how upset it made her feel, and how she would later try to reclaim her power by playing the role of the man with "the dick" in games of "marriage."
During her teenage years, Hahn recalled the awkwardness of puberty and documented how inadequate and ugly she felt in her diary. In high school, she learned that self-pleasure was "a deep, weird secret that is also awesome and private and yours." But it wasn't until college that she began to figure herself out.

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She found outfits that made her feel sexy, and after dating an "asshole" boyfriend, she realized she was going to reclaim the power she was owed. Hahn started acting, and though she initially gained confidence from her characters, she later found that it was her who made the women she portrayed so strong and intriguing.
"You will grow to be so grateful for — and so in love with — your body," she wrote. "Having children will help with that, because it will show you what you are capable of. You will thank your belly for growing them and your breasts for feeding them. You will want to find the girl who drew that picture in her diary and hug her so tightly. You will look back and be so mad you said yes to that bleach job for that gig, so glad you never got a nose job."
Hahn ended her letter with one of the most poignant, inspiring, and downright badass realizations of empowerment.
"At 44, you will realize something astounding: Life just gets sexier and sexier," she wrote. "Your sexual self will become this enormous, loud thing that you no longer take for granted, no ­longer deny. You will refuse to put a lid on it. You will listen to it. My God, you will hear it roar."
May we all find our roar.

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