Kylie Jenner, Teen Millionaire, Has Very Relatable Food Needs

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We can't all live like Kylie Jenner, who, at a mere 20-years-old, is a makeup mogul, reality star, and social media influencer.
Jenner may not be the most relatable woman on the planet (I don't know about you, but I definitely wasn't selling out lip kits before I could legally drink), but one thing that you may have in common with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is the kind of food Jenner craves. Hint: It's not alpaca heart.
On Life Of Kylie, Jenner, her mother Kris, and her friends head to a restaurant, and Jenner is hangry. Unfortunately, the restaurant that they're at is one that doesn't serve the spaghetti she's craving. While it has cheese dip, it's mixed with something not-so-appealing to the 20-year-old's tastebuds: the previously mentioned alpaca heart.
"I just need some fucking spaghetti," Jenner says, exasperated.
"I just really don't think this is going to fill me up," she moans to her mother, who is all about the fancy food. "The last thing I had was chips and guacamole on the plane."
Jenner doesn't keep her appreciation for simple foods in life a secret. Last year, she set Snapchat on fire by showing her followers how to make the perfect grilled cheese. (A surprisingly difficult feat, as anyone who's eaten a blackened sandwich thanks to poor timing surely knows.)
She also shared her culinary prowess on YouTube, with her "Cooking With Kylie" segments. Check them out, if you've ever wanted to eat candid yams like a Jenner.
That's not to say that Jenner isn't adventurous in her a certain extent, at least. This summer, the reality star shared some pics on Snapchat of her trying out some vegan recipes. However, her choices were meat- and dairy-free comfort foods, like vegan tacos and pizza.
But fancy food? That's not the life for Kylie — even if everything else in this reality star's life is the best of the best.
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