We're Getting An Unexpected Netflix Prequel From Sarah Paulson & Ryan Murphy

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There seems to be no shortage of Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson collaborations, but this one is definitely one to watch.
In the 1962 novel and, later, the 1975 film starring Louise Fletcher in the Oscar-winning role, Ratched is the cruel, manipulative head administrative nurse at the Salem State Hospital. This series, however, will act as a prequel to the film, and show how Ratched became the world's most infamous battleaxe.
Amazingly, it's already guaranteed that we'll have plenty of time to watch Ratched's ascent through the healthcare industry: Netflix has ordered two seasons of the upcoming series, which was penned by first-time writer Evan Romansky and will also be produced by actor Michael Douglas.
This will actually be the third time that Paulson will be spending time on a hospital set under Murphy's watch. She starred as Lana Winters in season 2 of American Horror Story, titled Asylum. While Lana was a patient at the hospital (if you could even classify the horrific Briarcliff a health facility at all), Paulson's next role in the Murphy universe will have her playing a doctor. She'll step into the shoes of Dr. Anna Pou for American Crime Story's third season, titled Katrina, which will focus on doctors who had to make the decision to euthanize patients after Memorial Medical Center was left without power.
The prequel series will certainly provide an interesting take on the character, but it won't be the only time the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest nurse was portrayed on television. Nurse Ratched appeared as a character during the fifth season of Once Upon A Time, marking an interesting moment in which a literary character crossed over into the fairytale series.
With Paulson and Murphy onboard this new series, I'll gladly watch as many episodes as Netflix wants to give me.

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