People Have A Lot Of Feelings About "The Ivanka Trump Guarantee"

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Ivanka Trump (and the whole Trump family for that matter) are used to being heavily scrutinized in the media, but the first daughter probably didn't expect to be completely raked through the coals when she woke up Wednesday morning. "Ivanka Trump is never going to come through. Coming through isn’t her function," Lindy West wrote in a scathing New York Times op-ed published Wednesday. The biting story was titled "The Ivanka Trump Guarantee," a phrase that quickly took off on Twitter.
West pointed out all the ways in which the first daughter has let women down since becoming a White House staffer — from supporting the roll back of an equal pay measure, to not speaking out against her father's ban on transgender troops or his comments following violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA. Even though she spent her morning on a tax panel talking about child care tax credits, we won't get our hopes up. "The fact is, the only evidence we have of Ms. Trump’s supposed moderating effects and passion for progressive causes is her word," West wrote. "And, unfortunately for the entire planet, the word of a Trump isn’t worth very much."
The special assistant to the president has tried to play off the fact that she has yet to achieve any real progress for American women in Washington by telling Fox & Friends she tries to "stay out of politics." But, Ivanka is working in the White House and claims she wants to advocate for women.
West's op-ed urged people who oppose the Trump administration to stop wasting their time waiting for the first daughter to come through for them and start fighting the White House's directives.
"She is more a logo than a person, a scarecrow stuffed with branding, an heiress-turned-model-turned-multimillionaire’s-wife playacting as an authority on the challenges facing working women so that she can sell more pastel sheath dresses," she wrote.
The op-ed was, in a word, brutal. And people on Twitter went to work highlighting their favorite fiery sections.
Others added their own observations about what "The Ivanka Trump Guarantee" means.
With reports that Ivanka and Jared might leave Washington, there's no guarantee the couple will be in the White House for the duration of the Trump presidency, either.
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