We Can Guarantee You've Never Had A Tinder Date This Weird

Imagine the worst date you've ever experienced. Maybe someone wanted you to pee in his mouth, or maybe you went on a date with someone who introduced you to his ventriloquist dummy. Perhaps your date threw your phone across the room because he thought you weren't paying enough attention to him. Whatever it is, please find some solace in knowing that this man's Tinder date was (probably) definitely worse.
A man, identified by Metro UK as Liam Smyth from England, thought things were going well with his unnamed date. That is, until she got stuck in his bathroom window while trying to dispose of her own feces.
According to Metro UK, Smyth and his date had a nice dinner and went back to his place to continue the romance. The woman excused herself to use the restroom, and then all hell broke loose.
After reportedly clogging the toilet, the woman decided that rather than ask for a plunger, she'd gather up her poop and throw it out the window. Though there were many problems with her method — did she think her date wouldn't notice a pile of human shit outside his house the next day? — she made her biggest mistake after she dropped the poo in a small gap.
Knowing she wouldn't be able to fetch the fallen excrement alone, she asked her date to help lift her up so she could slide her arm over the window and into the gap. Unfortunately, the space was a little too narrow, and she got stuck.
As if her night couldn't get any worse, the local fire station had to come out to Smyth's house to safely break the window and rescue her. They also tweeted a photo.
But the story gets better: Smyth created a hilarious GoFundMe page to replace the damaged wall and window that memorialize the night's events. Since posting his plea on Sept. 5, Smyth has exceeded his goal and has vowed to split the extra donations between two charities: one that helps provide functioning toilets to people in the developing world and another that offers financial and health resources to firefighters.

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