This New British Show Sounds Like A Disaster, But I'm Here For It

Photo: Courtesy of ITV.
When on reality TV, do as the Romans did.
That's not how the saying goes, but it is the premise for an upcoming British reality show that looks absolutely ridiculous.
According to a press release from the U.K.'s ITV2, the show's premise is that "eight 21st century lads are to be transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators."
If that description doesn't intrigue you enough, maybe this will: The show is called Bromans. Yes, really.
Presumably, the show doesn't include replicating details about the ancient Romans' lives like slavery and eating dormice. But it will include dressing in "sandals, leather loin cloths and gold lamé pants," according to the network.
The show isn't just a gladiator competition, either — the eight contestants are also bringing their girlfriends onto the show. So it's not a dating show a la Love Island or The Bachelor, because the contestants go into the show already paired off.
The prize for winning the show's final colosseum battle is more than fame and glory, too. The winner of the "Emperor's Games" will win a cash prize of roughly £10,000 (about $12,970 USD).
Even with the cash prize, the show's contestants didn't seem thrilled about its premise during an interview on Good Morning Britain. It sounds like they thought it would be a more traditional reality TV setting, with beaches and plenty of alcohol — not a classics-inspired spectacle.
"We thought it was going to be cocktails by the pool, topping up my tan," a contestant named Dean said during the interview. "It was none of that, it was brutal."
The show will start airing in the U.K. next month — here's hoping it catches on in the States, too.
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