Rebecca Black's New Song Is Good & I Don't Care Who Knows It

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Rebecca Black has come a long way since her song "Friday" became a viral hit, and so have we. While the 2011 song and accompanying video turned the then-13-year-old into an international butt-of-the-joke, she's been working hard these past six years to prove everyone wrong — and judging by her latest single, she's succeeded. "Heart Full Of Scars," is the third single from her upcoming (and first!) EP, RE/BL, which is out September 15, and you guys, this song is good.
"Heart Full Of Scars," now available on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud, is like Demi Lovato meets Black's totally original voice, and it's catchy, too.
"Learn to say fuck it, take my time / Life's a bitch, but I'll make it mine," the pre-chorus begins, which seems like a direct callout to the bullying she received after "Friday," but also the general way that life's hurdles can try to hold people back. The chorus expresses similar sentiments, saying, "Sometimes you bleed for who you are / It's hard to love with a heart full of scars / I won't feed into your dark /I'll keep loving with a heart full of scars."
This transformation definitely wasn't easy, but Black told Refinery29 that she's managed to shed the initial reputation the "Friday" video gave her.
"Ever since I started posting YouTube videos and showing more of myself than just being that 'Friday' girl, I feel like a lot of people have liked it and gotten to know me more as a person," she explained last year. "There are definitely people that have not forgotten about it, but they also know a lot more about me now."
Today, the singer also announced her official "Love Is Love" tour, which is all about acceptance and anti-bullying. It kicks off on October 1 in Chicago and has LGBTQ YouTubers Miles McKenna and Shannon Beveridge along for the ride. Learn all the details in the video below:

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