September Click List: R29 Editors' Entertainment Picks For The Month

Finally, the best season for all things entertainment is here. It's the best part of growing up: Instead of fearing September because it meant going back to school, adulting means September is transformed into a time of prestige cable dramas, Oscar bait movies, books competing for those prized spots on Best Of lists, and the first taste of awards season in the form of the Emmys.
Sure, among all that highbrow fare, we still make plenty of room for guilty pleasures. Netflix is gifting us with an animated comedy about teenage hormones, Gucci Mane is writing a book, and yet another insanely talented actress (Edie Falco) will get yet another wild hair treatment (pile of blonde ringlets) in yet another glossy retelling of a familiar '90s trial (the Menendez brothers).
No need to prepare for the Sunday scaries: Instead, prepare to debate your friends and relatives over the real meaning of Mother! and which James Franco twin is sleazier in The Deuce. Enjoy!

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