The Former Miss Universe Shamed By Donald Trump Clapped Back At Trolls

Another day, another instance in which a woman has to deal with body shaming from complete strangers.
Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado recently posted a photo of herself looking damn fine in a sexy red jumpsuit and sky-high silver heels at the Premios Tu Mondo award show on Instagram. And of course, she was immediately greeted by nasty comments, Yahoo reports.
The comments, according to People, included things like, "You look chubby. I don't know if it's your undergarments, but the extra pounds are noticeable."
Instead of responding to the commenters with a row of middle finger emojis, Machado explained that she's gained weight for a new role.
"Yes and I still have another 5 pounds more to gain to appear even fatter for the next character that I will be playing," People reports that she wrote back in Spanish.
Role or no role, it's frankly no one's business if someone has gained weight. People are beautiful at every size, and neither outward appearance or a number on a scale define a person's worth.
Unfortunately by now, Machado is a pro at shaking off toxic people and their equally toxic comments, including those from President Donald Trump.
Machado called out Trump's blatant sexism and weight-shaming last year when she opened up about the time he called her "Miss Piggy" back in the '90s. Trump didn't like that she called him out, and responded in the only way he knows how: by phoning Fox & Friends and saying Machado "gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem.
But Trump didn't stop there: He went on to encourage his millions of Twitter followers to "check out" Machado's alleged sex tape.
Machado snapped back in an Instagram post.
"Throughout his campaign of hate, the Republican candidate insists on discrediting and demoralizing a woman, one of his most defining and terrifying characteristics. With this, he seeks to distract attention from his real problems and his inability to pretend to be the leader of this great nation," she wrote in a post Refinery 29 translated. "When I was a young girl, the now-candidate humiliated me, insulted me, and publicly disrespected me, as he has done, usually privately, in the most cruel form."

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