James Blunt Is Leaving Ed Sheeran For His Own Tour

Photo: Franziska Krug/Getty Images.
Ed Sheeran's opening act on his U.S. tour, James Blunt, is going out on his own. Yes, Blunt is giving up his self-proclaimed spot as "Sheeran's bitch" — again, his descriptor, not ours — to tour Australia and New Zealand in March 2018.
Before you get worried that the two have had a falling out, Blunt told The Guardian that he's loved being part of Sheeran's tour. “I think my ambition has always been to be Ed Sheeran’s bitch and it’s a job I really love,” he said. “I can’t tell you how awesome this gig is. I play for 40 minutes before him, that means I’m off stage two hours before him, that means I’ve two hours extra drinking time ahead of him and he’s playing catch-up.”
Don't worry; Blunt will still get a chance to out-drink Sheeran until he finishes up the "Shape Of You" singer's U.S. tour on October 7. Perhaps the reason Blunt is popping bottles right after the show is because, according to him, "I have no pressure. I’m playing to his audience and they don’t know what to expect and I’ve got nothing to lose except win them over and it’s been such fun. I’m absolutely loving it."
While the guys are parting ways for a bit, it turns out Sheeran will actually be Down Under at the same time Blunt is. Knowing this, Blunt's already teasing a reunion. “We’ll see who I bring up on stage," Blunt told The Guardian. "There are a couple of interesting people who are on tour in Australia at the same time as me so we’ll see what kind of collaborations happen." Perhaps a duet of Blunt's song "Make Me Better" which he co-wrote with Sheeran for his fifth album The Afterlove.
In the meantime, fans will just have to pay close attention to Blunt's Twitter feed where he is known to not only take the piss out of himself, but Sheeran, too. Like recently, Blunt tweeted, "While everyone’s losing their shit over @edsheeran’s cameo on #GoTS7, can we all take a moment to remember this." "This" would be Blunt's appearance on Sesame Street. You're beautiful James, never change.
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