James Blunt’s Twitter Joke Is Hilarious Until You Realize It’s True

Credit where credit's due, y'all. James Blunt's music may make some people contemplate either splashing acid on their ears or taking a bazooka to every stereo in sight. He may be a pocket-sized John Mayer with misogynistic tendencies. But, hey, he also just made one of the funniest jokes of the year. Who knew? Here's what popped up on the British crooner's Twitter feed yesterday (not that we, erm, follow him or anything). "If you thought 2016 was bad — I'm releasing an album in 2017," the man who "gave" us "You're Beautiful" quipped.
Hahahaha. Not really, though, right? Right? Shit. Wrong. According to Blunt's website, a new album is indeed "on the way." Why not? Why shouldn't next year carry on 2016's dumpster fire legacy? Maybe President Trump can issue an executive order demanding that this new material gets pumped out of the airwaves 24/7. Fan-freaking-tastic.

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