Distracted Boyfriend Meme Just Inspired A Romantic Comedy...Sort Of

There are some memes that have permeated popular culture and simply won't go away. You could spend countless hours trying to avoid them — logging off social media, building a bunker and locking yourself in, moving to Antarctica — or you could just accept that they'll become part of your life until the next hit song comes along.
For example: By now, you have undoubtedly seen the Distracted Boyfriend stock photo, pictured below.
Photo: Getty Images
Since Getty released this gem into the wild, Twitter users all over the globe have taken time out of their days to add their own bits of humor and social commentary atop the images.
And, my personal favorite:
People have followed this meme so closely that they discovered there's an even lesser-known plot twist that brings the women together and leaves the wandering-eyed boyfriend in the dust.
With so many ways to personalize the meme, it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into a motion picture. Enter Vulture, which gave the world the romantic comedy it never knew it needed on Wednesday.
As the camera zooms in on the now-famous couple taking a stroll outside on a sunny day, the narrator explains that this is the story of a boy "with too much on his mind" and a girl "with a dream of being together." The pair then have to learn the hard lesson that life and love are never as easy as they seem.
The cast is impressive, with Stock Photo Guy, Stock Photo Girl, Blurry Girl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ed Sheeran (probably). Watch the exciting trailer below.

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