We Shouldn't Forget This Part Of Younger's Juicy Love Triangle

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Thanks to the return of Charles' (Peter Hermann) ex-wife, Pauline (Jennifer Westfeldt), Younger's love triangle has turned into more of a love square. And while most fans have their chosen sides — Team Charles, Team Josh (Nico Tortorella), and maybe even Team Jay (Aasif Mandvi). Or, maybe you're on Team Charles-Pauline reconciliation. But there's one factor that's often missing from the conversation about these fictional 'ships, and Peter Hermann brought it up in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.
When ET's Philiana Ng asked Hermann what advice he'd give Charles about navigating his relationships with Liza (Sutton Foster) and Pauline, the actor brought another factor into the equation.
"It's not just two women; it's also two daughters, so it certainly expands far beyond a square," Hermann told ET. "My advice to him would be to keep what's most important, most important. There are some pretty basic rules that'll get you pretty far."
It's not just the adults who are involved here — Charles and Pauline's daughters are affected by who Charles dates, too. And as we saw in last week's episode, that can be confusing for them. Pauline visited her old home for the Empirical company picnic, and it was surely awkward for the girls to see their mom as a guest in the place where she once raised them. (It was awkward for Pauline, too, who discovered that Liza is her daughters' babysitter.)
We've never seen Charles' daughters talk to him about his relationships directly — they're still young — but it's safe to assume they'd be happy to see Liza with their dad. It's nice that Hermann is thinking of his character's family, though, and not just Charles' own happiness.
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