American Horror Story: Cult Just Put A Clown In Sarah Paulson's Bed

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX
No need to check underneath the bed anymore: The monsters are officially cozying up to the terrified characters of American Horror Story's seventh season.
As we learned from the official trailer for Cult, which debuted on August 22, Paulson plays Ally, a mom, wife, and Hillary Clinton supporter whose coulrophobia is triggered when former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump is elected President.
Of course, it's pretty easy to be afraid of clowns when demented circus performers are seemingly descending on one's home...though whether these guys are real or imaginary remains to be seen.
The new promo is a compilation of many other short videos we saw over the last month or so that feature only the creepiest of clowns. These guys aren't here to shoot water from their flower boutonnières they're here to recruit you into a crazy cult, one potentially run by Evan Peters' blue-haired nightmare, Kai.
But are those creepy clown promos only a dream?! That's what we're supposed to believe when Ally wakes up in bed, startled. Unfortunately, that's when, well...just watch the video below to see what happens. (Yes, it'll definitely spook you.)
These clowns may be the most horrific things we've seen, like, ever, but American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy did promise a clown motif earlier this summer. The TV writer shared a pic of a Twisty the Clown comic book to Instagram, along with the unsettling caption "He's Baaaaaack."
(Twisty, in doll form, actually made his way into the season's trailer as well, with Billie Lourd's character, Winter, handing the doll to Ally's son with a word of caution not to mention anything to his clown-fearing mom.)

He's Baaaaaack

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Did Twisty start the whole clown movement? Are the clowns that Ally's seeing real, or figments of a terrified woman's imagination? And what does Kai have to do with all of this?
Grab your bravest friend and find out when the show premieres on September 5.

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