Remember Teddy Geiger? He's Shawn Mendes' Co-Writer Now

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images.
Shawn Mendes has been dominating both his songs and performances recently, but he doesn't do it alone. His creative process heavily involves co-writers Scott Harris and Teddy Geiger — yes, that Teddy Geiger. Back in 2006, Geiger had his own hit, "For You I Will (Confidence)," but over ten years later, he's taken his talents behind the scenes, and it's working.
"There's this thing that I think that we really connect on that level, where they both kind of really understood what it was like to be the singer and be the performer," Mendes told MTV News about working with Geiger and Harris.
"[They] understand that the music we're writing, you have to love it, otherwise you're just going to go nuts performing it on TV and over and over again, you know, promoting it," he continued. "I really truly believe that if you write a song that is great, but you don't love it, and you go and perform it, and you write a song that's half as good but you love it, the reaction from the people will be the same."
Geiger and Harris are at least partially to thank for the fact that the world has gone Mendes-crazy recently. During the VMAs, Twitter couldn't get enough of the 19-year-old star. Fans totally lost their minds whenever he appeared on screen, tweeting things like "OH MY GOD HOW DOES SOMEONE AS PERFECT AS SHAWN MENDES EXIST" and "Shawn didn't win song of summer but he's always a winner to the Mendes army."
While Mendes' future looks bright, let's end this with a blast from the past courtesy of Geiger (and a surprise appearance from Kristin Cavallari).

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