Bella Hadid Is The Only Girl In The World

In the future, when we look back at the most important fashion happenings of the year 2017, we will no doubt talk about feminism and political statements, we will talk about intersectionality, about diversity. We will also talk about Bella Hadid.
And that's because the Instagram-star-turned-model is currently gracing the cover of at least eight international September issues. She is basically fashion's Carmen San Diego (she certainly loves a hat).
So where in the world is she?
She's in Australia (via Japan) on the cover of Vogue Australia, accompanied by a bare-chested Jordan Barrett. But oh, our journey has just begun...

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We follow her to China, and find her on the cover of Vogue China hugging Quyou Wang.

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Oh, and is that her hiding behind a silver jacket on the cover of Elle China?
But wait, there's more! She's also nabbed the cover of Harper's Bazaar China.

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We travel east to find her smelling some flowers for Elle Russia.

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She's also on the cover of Vogue Arabia, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, no less.

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Our trip around the world continues to Europe where she's on the cover of Vogue Spain in green feathers.

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And if you thought the Atlantic Ocean would stop this trip then you know nothing! She's also on the very cool retro cover of Vogue Brasil.
You gotta give it to Bella, sneaking around the world from Kiev to Carolina, there's no doubt that she's become a bona-fide fashion star. And good for her! We are not going to take away her accomplishments. But what happened with fashion's supposed infatuation with individuality, standing out, finding the next big trend? How is it possible that the answer to "more diversity please!" means the many angles of Bella Hadid? Are they setting the bar so low so that when we get a cover with Kendall or J.Law or Blake Lively we can say, wow, at least it's not Bella Hadid?
Well played, magazine editors, well played.

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