This Girl Said Her Date Cheated Her Out Of Her Birthday $$ — So She Messaged His Mom

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A story that starts with "so I met this fuck boy on Tinder" is either the best or the worst kind of story — there's no in-between. We'll let you judge this one for yourself.
A girl named Kylie said she met a guy named Braxton on Tinder and, even though she had just gotten out of a relationship, he was "so sweet and I literally felt like he was perfect for me." So far, so relatable.
Then, she decided to visit him in South Carolina (her profile says she's from Georgia), and things quickly went, well, south. "He had like no money for anything... I literally had to give him $2 for weed," she wrote in an Instagram post that was picked up by @ItsGirICodes.
Kylie said she gave this guy her birthday money (no report on what amount) because his card got declined at Costco. "He told me he'd get cash out to pay me back that night, but then we decided to go to Outback for dinner and he said, 'Let me just use that money to buy dinner and I'll pay you back Thursday when I get paid.'" Okay, sure.
The next day, she left because she had seen a bunch of girls "blowing up his phone." He still owed her $55 for Costco, though. But he said, "Nah actually I'm not paying you back, you voluntarily paid for my shit."
Twitter Screenshot.
WTF. So Kylie decided to call him out and messaged his mom on Facebook. The mom ended up apologizing. Best part: "I asked him to just Venmo me 'cause that's a super-easy app college students use, but you can absolutely send me a check." Props for explaining Venmo to parents.
Twitter Screenshot.
Twitter Screenshot.
Kylie said she got a check for the $55 from Braxton's parents, along with an apology note. "Sorry for the way our son treated you. We brought him up better than that," it says.
Like any viral tweet, this one brought 15 minutes of fame:
[Ed. note: If you feel old and don't know what a "finsta" is, you're not alone. Read our explainer here.]
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