Rosé Sales Are Skyrocketing In The U.S. —Thanks To Millennials, Of Course

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
As a generation, millennials rarely get praised. But when you consider the current popularity of pink alcohol, we think we deserve a little credit, especially when it comes to what we've done for the good name of rosé. Millennials have long understood that rosé is versatile, cost effective, and of course, tasty, and it looks like for all those reasons, we've done our part to make it the fastest growing wine category in the United States. According to new data from the online wine delivery service Wine Access, which we found thanks to HelloGiggles, rosé sales on the website have seen a whopping 1,400% increase in the past two years.
Wine Access' recently published report "Through the Grapevines" said,"Millennials are upending the wine industry." It also reported that our generation now makes up 47% of the wine market, which means we have a lot of control. That shows in just how much rosé sales have changed in recent years.
"Through the Grapevines," explained that only one of every 510 bottles of wine sold on Wine Access back in 2015 was rosé. Fast forward to today, and one in every 36 bottles sold on the website is rosé. Our love of rosé and its affordability, flavor, and the way it pops on our Instagram feeds has inspired the wine's recent availability in so many quirky forms. If it wasn't for Millennials, we wouldn't have rosé wine pouches, rosé lollipops, rosé jelly, or rosé ice cream. And, rosé sales probably wouldn't have seen a 1,400% jump. So, on behalf of Millennials everywhere, we'd like to say you're welcome, rosé.

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