The Internet Is Obsessed With This 5-Year-Old Girl's "Hair Chronicles"

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Charle-feigh's mother, Markeisha Simien, just wanted her little girl to look cute on the first day of school. After giving the girl a stunning braided look, on Sunday night that should have lasted days she was shocked when she saw her daughter at the end of that first day, on Monday afternoon.
"I was waiting to see her, and see how her day was. When I saw that hair, my nerves got so bad," Markeisha told Yahoo Beauty. "I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated, because I was wondering what happen to my baby? She said, ‘Mom, it was itching and I took it out.’ All I could say was, ‘oh my God.'”
Markeisha uploaded a before and after picture of her daughter's hair onto Facebook, where it soon got over 95,000 reactions and shares. It looks like Charle-feigh's hair chronicles are more relatable than she or Markeisha could have imagined.
Even though Markeisha was initially overwhelmed by the reactions and shares that her video has gotten, she's happy that so many people can appreciate the positivity of the post. "[Charle-feigh]’s made a lot of people in the world happy just by that post. I had numerous people in my inbox telling me how my daughter made their day. They were having bad days, and they saw her post and felt better. For her to bring joy to the world like that was good enough for me."
Hairstyle inspirations can come from a variety of sources, but who would have expected it from a five year old? Though she may be young, Charle-feigh is breaking the Internet with her amazing hairstyles. This girl may be a social media star in the making, and her hair chronicles have done a lot to brighten up our day.
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