What You Need To Know About The Most Underestimated Sibling Rivalry On Game Of Thrones

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Update: After speculating that Cleganebowl would go down on the Game of Thrones finale, The Hound and his undead brother The Mountain came face-to-face in King's Landing. But before they delivered the battle fans have been so anxiously waiting for, The Hound approached his brother for the first time in years to issue an insult and a warning.
"Remember me? Yeah you do," The Hound said menacingly to his well-armored sibling. "You're even uglier than I am now. What did they do to you? Doesn't matter, it's not how it ends for you, brother. You know who's coming for you. You've always known."
It's already been theorized that The Hound means that he's coming for his brother as revenge for burning The Hound over borrowing The Mountain's toy as a child. Does this mean we're getting Cleganebowl before the series eventually wraps in season 8? He's been waiting for revenge for years, as he explained to Arya in season 4.
This story originally appeared on August 27.
It appears fans may finally get the Cleganebowl in the season 7 finale. Yes, we might finally get to see the Game of Thrones main event with Sandor "The Hound" Clegane in one corner, and his now zombie brother, Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane in the other duking it out to the death.
As Mashable pointed out, fans have been waiting for this battle since 2013 and feel it's finally time. The Hound has gotten a whole lot of screen time this season, which seems like a sign that he's in for something big. Getting back at the brother who held your face to the fire, certainly feels like a major moment.
Even better evidence that the Cleganebowl is happening is the trailer for the season 7 finale. Fans noticed that a sunlight drenched The Hound appears to be fighting someone in the Dragonpit.
As the trailer also shows, Jon Snow is going to see Cersei on her home turf of King's Landing to ask for help in defeating the Night King, and it's not crazy to assume that she will ask for trial by combat. Likely, she'll use it to take on Daenerys, who is trying to usurp her Iron Throne.
Cersei would undoubtedly pick The Mountain for such a fight, and being that The Hound is in King's Landing, it's likely he would offer his services. As one fan joked, "If we don't get the damn #cleganebowl in the finale what is the point of this whole show? Sandor is headed to King's Landing..." We can't agree more that this is the perfect opportunity for the much-hyped battle.
Can The Hound beat his brother? Rory McCann, who plays The Hound, has some feelings about what he calls that "Cleganebowl shite." He told the Sydney Morning Herald that "[The Mountain is] not that much taller than me. But if it kicks off I'm still gonna be the Jack Russell and he'll be the Rottweiler." No one said this would be an easy battle, but it sure would be an entertaining one.
Of course, this may just be wishful thinking being that in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, who plays The Mountain, said that when it comes to fighting his brother, "That’s definitely something I would like to see. And for most of the fans, it’s something they’re all waiting for. It looks like it’s going to go that way, but who knows?"
Is this just clever misdirection, or a sign that we'll have to wait until the final season to see these brothers duke it out? Whether Cleganebowl happens tonight or not, luckily, you can still ponder whether The Hound is actually Azor Ahai.
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